Development of youth practical skills

“Life happened” and long-made plans failed? Are you struggling because you were removed from the student list, failed to enter your chosen study program, lost your job, or maybe you are just lost and don’t know what you want to do in life? Do you want professional help in creating a plan for your new life?

You are lucky – the Auk Center is happy to invite young people who are inactive or have fewer opportunities to use youth practical skills development services throughout Lithuania.. 

The goal of developing practical skills of young people is to provide services in a complex manner, developing the personal and social skills of a young person, providing the young person with knowledge and abilities that allow integration into the labor market and/or return to the education system. This form of work with youth is particularly effective in providing individual services to underprivileged and inactive young people between the ages of 15 and 29.  

Gabija Smirnovaitė

Gabija Smirnovaitė

Jaunimo darbuotoja

+370 638 04308

15-29 m. for youth
about studies, job and life
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Airidas Bergaudas

Airidas Bergaudas

Jaunimo darbuotojas

+370 685 34827

what help will you get ?
– we will pay the compulsory health insurance fee of the project participants;
– we will strengthen your abilities to solve the problems of everyday life and ensure your daily needs;
– we will inform and advise you in attractive ways so that you can confidently return to the education system or start working;
– we will offer you to try volunteering. We believe that volunteering is a great way to make acquaintances, gain self-confidence, gain various abilities, learn to make a name for yourself;
– we will offer specialist services (psychologist, social worker, language specialist, etc.);
– „We will “translate” the information of state and municipal institutions, institutions and/or organizations into the language of the youth and accompany you when you go to these institutions for services.

The services are provided to refresh the description of the development of practical skills.

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